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佚名Date 2014-09-01

Our company have participated in this Security Exhibition, and take this opportunity to exploit overseas markets to find more customers. 

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佚名Date 2014-05-14

The South Africa International Security Exhibition is the only maximum and most professionally comprehensive security exhibition in southern Africa ,which focus on the latest development of security, fire protection and security.

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佚名Date 2014-01-23

The Middle East (Dubai) international security equipment and Technology Exhibition(Intersec_middle East)is the largest exhibition of a full range of safety protection equipment and supplies in Middle East.

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佚名Date 2013-12-10

India is the second largest country with the population in the world. Since 2007,the Indian government have invested in their Infrastructure actively .

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佚名Date 2013-12-01

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia ,which is one of the ten fastest growing economies cities in the world .The population of Saudi Arabia grow by 20% annually.

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