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Date 2015-09-25

Turkey International Security Exhibition organized by the Marmara exhibition group, is the only one of the most international professional exhibition in Turkey. The exhibition is divided into five topics, which are security, protection, fire control, information security, and building automation. The exhibition is held each year.

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佚名Date 2015-09-05

The Eighth Vietnam (Hu Zhiming) International Security Exhibition held on August 18th to 20th ,2015 at the Hu Zhiming SECC exhibition center.

Secutech Vietnam is the largest security equipment and technology exhibition and one of the brand series of the Middle East (Dubai) International Security Exhibition (Intersec Middle East). The last show, ten agents of Vietnam gathered together, including Silver Sea, Van Xuan, Dakao, Techpro, Citek etc..

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佚名Date 2015-06-25

London International Safety Technology Exhibition first held in 1972. It has been 41 years so far . The exhibition is positioning accurately and has clear theme, which has become well_known brand exhibition after 41 years of development.

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佚名Date 2015-05-22

 Brazil St Paul international security exhibition is Latin America's largest professional security exhibition. The exhibition is held in Brazil's biggest city Sao Paulo in May 12th to 14th

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佚名Date 2015-04-27

From April 15th to April 17th 2015, the forty_eighth session of the America Las Vegas security exhibition was held by the world's largest exhibition company reed (America) in Las Vegas , the western city of America.

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佚名Date 2015-04-02

West African International Security Technology Exhibition have been held On March 24th to 25th,2015.It is the best exhibition of new security market, the rise of the West African region. 

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佚名Date 2015-01-24

According to the research published by Frost & Sullivan, the market scale of Middle East will expand from 3 billion to 10.9 billion till the year of 2020.

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佚名Date 2014-12-19

As part of the world’s leading portfolio of security and fire safety events,  IFSEC India 2014 attracted more than 10000 visitors,attending to review the latest products which included CCTV & video surveillance, PA system, biometrics & RFID , 

fire alarms,access control,cyber security, physical security, perimeter protection, etc.

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佚名Date 2014-11-22

SICUREZZA, biennial international exhibition of Security & Fire Prevention, which is the leading international event in Italy focusing on anti-intrusion

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佚名Date 2014-10-24

Our first move is that participated in the 13th international police, safety and security equipment exhibition. This exhibition had been held in Emam Khomeini Greet Mosalla(Mosalla Exhibition Center)on October 18th-21st, 2014.

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佚名Date 2014-09-23

When we was sleeping that night on septerber  21st, in Guangzhou ,China. our Winpossee colleagues who joined in the 18th Turkey International Security and Safety Exhibition just finished the exhibition’s work, and prepare coming back.

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佚名Date 2014-09-07

It was our great honour to be with Malaysia customer who visited this exhibition come from all around the world to communicate our security products friendly.We look forward to gaining all customers’ trust.

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