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Winpossee Attend The IFSEC 2015
Date:2015/6/25 15:16:18      Visits  

London International Safety Technology Exhibition first held in 1972. It has been 41 years so far . The exhibition is 

positioning accurately and has clear theme, which has become well_known brand exhibition after 41 years of develop

ment. It has been the world's third largest, one of the most influential international security exhibition because its influ-

ence is extremely extensive.

Winpossee participated in IFSEC 2015. In the exposition,many new customers consult our security products and we 

have carried out a detailed answer , giving them a more comprehensive understanding and impression of our products.

After the exhibition, some customers also keep contact with us, hoping to have long_term cooperative opportunities 

with our company. We get large harvest, not only to introduce products to new customers, showingthe image of our com

pany, also to increase the recognition of our company and products in security industry . In addition, we get the latest 

news of the industry and we can learn to improve ourproducts by making comparison with other security products.




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