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Winpossee In ISC West 2015
Date:2015/4/27 14:22:45      Visits  

From April 15th to April 17th 2015, the forty_eighth session of the America LasVegas security exhibition was held by 

the world's largest exhibition company reed (America) in Las Vegas , the the world's largest exhibition company reed (America) in Las Vegas , the western city of America. western city of America.

This year, more than 10% participants from countries outside America. Among them, the experts from Canada accounted for the largest proportion,  followed by Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Australia. According to the statistics, the final user of security products have increased by 7%.

The forty_seventh exhibition successfully held in 2014. An area of over 25000 square meters, a total of more than 13000 pieces of products, a total of more than 1000 exhibitors. Professional visitors reached 30000 and the total amount of $50000000000. The total number of participants has increased by 17%, which has broken the record.

Winpossee participate in this session of the exhibition. Our high quality products and patient attitude attracted many

 buyers.We establish a good friendship with many customers, and get some transactions in the field of security . we aimed 

to expand the market base on the existing customers. We firmly believe the awareness and acceptance of our products will 

be greatly improved, which will lay a stable foundation for the development of our company. 




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