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Winpossee Likes An Eagle Soared Into The 13th Iran Security & Safety Exhibition
Date:2014/10/24 14:02:56      Visits  

Iran is a relatively closed and strict country, They can not be free to fully contact with the outside world information, 

and can not learn about the latest products and technology in time, and have not much way to know the world information .under these disadvantageous conditions, if we want to enter Iran's market, we must make the first move. 

Our first move is that participated in the 13th international police, safety and security equipment exhibition. This exhibition had been held in Emam Khomeini Greet Mosalla(Mosalla Exhibition Center)on October 18th-21st, 2014.

We are glad to know a lot of people and keep in touch with each other in this trip. They are exhibition audience and 

exhibitor from all around the world.

Winpossee always cherish all the friends who willing to cooperate with us friendly and sincerely. 





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