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Winpossee’s Turkey Trip
Date:2014/9/23 13:59:27      Visits  

The 18th Tukey International Security and Safety Exhibition had been held in IFM Istanbul Expo Center on September 

18th-21st ,2014.

When we was sleeping that night on septerber  21st, in Guangzhou ,China. our Winpossee colleagues who joined in 

the 18th Turkey International Security and Safety Exhibition just finished the exhibition’s work, and prepare coming back.

If you ask why we choose Turkey as one of Winpossee’s market. Ouranswer is that we do hope to offer high-quality  

and  high efficiency to more countries and regions which its economic development attracts the attention of the whole 

world, but lacks security and safety.

Maybe we Winpossee are not the best, but we must do the best, and offer the better. 




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