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Winpossee Made a Stage Pose on the Dubai Security Exhibition
Date:2014/1/23 13:48:30      Visits  

The Middle East (Dubai) international security equipment and Technology Exhibition had been held in Dubai International Exhibition Center on January 19-21 ,2014.

The Middle East (Dubai) international security equipment and Technology Exhibition(Intersec_middle East)is the largest exhibition of a full range of safety protection equipment and supplies in Middle East.

It estimated that the local security technology and equipment production will reach about $2100000000 in 2014, and business was estimated  to increase by 550%. So Security industry is a fast growing market in the Middle East. Government attaches importance to the national security and anti-terrorism, then pay more attention and invested in security industry. 

Winpossee have known the latest trend of security industry through this exhibition, and get acquainted with more new partners,also found a more effective way to improve the quality of the products and services.


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