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Winpossee Shining India Security Exhibition
Date:2013/12/10 13:45:37      Visits  

The India International Security Exhibition had been held in India Expo Centre Greater Noida On December 5-7,2013.

India is the second largest country with the population in the world. Since 2007,the Indian government have invested in their Infrastructure actively .According to expert’s predict, in this year, the amount of India fire and security market will 

reach $44 billion ,most equipments are depend on importation. In addition, India was going through terror attacks repeatedly, which drives the government of India and the user focus on this field ,and do hope to buy high technology equipments aboutsecurity to protect their countrymen . 

Winpossee is active to aimed at characteristic of ourselves products and technology, to select a suitable target applic-

ation market and to manage it deeply. And broaden the pattern of product sales into sales service. To have the opportunity to expand from a single application market to other industries. We select a single partners to establish long-term relations of cooperation. Early is not focused on the sales of products, but the operating mode of each other, and good cooperation relationship with reliable products and services,to establish brand awareness and rooted in local market with our brand.





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