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Winpossee Participated in 2013 Arabia International Security Exhibition
Date:2013/12/1 13:42:55      Visits  

The Arabia international security exhibition had been held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,on November 24-26,2013.  

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia ,which is one of the ten fastest growing economies cities in the world .The 

population of Saudi Arabia grow by 20% annually. It is predicted that the population will reach thirty two millions ,

and Riyadh is the largest city with a population of nearly 5 million. According to the local government news, UK will 

further invest and exploit Saudi Arabia in the future ,and the amount will reach $1.4 trillion in 2020. 

Saudi Arabia currently have possessed 26 percents of the total petroleum production in the world. The Saudi 

government pay attention to safety of employee and especially requested HCIS who is responsible for the develop

ment of the industrial infrastructure and ensuring safety, fire control standard in Saudi Arabia to provide safe gui-

dance and assistance .

The market in Saudi Arabia is conservative .Saudisordinarily can’t purchase products outdoors ,so if we 

want to enter Saudi Arabia market,the only thing we can do is on our own initiative to access it. Therefore,the

exhibition is the most direct platform for us to achieve our aim. Winpossee participated in Arabia international

security exhibition actively in this year. We show about 50 kinds of products in the exhibition ,such as Infrared

Dome Camera Series, Varifocal Lens Camera Series , SDI,IP,IP NVR,SDI DVR,DVR, and so on.

This exhibition attracted a lot of people who have strong ability of purchase for security equipment around

the world. Thanks to this opportunity, we are aware of what audience really need ,and then we find that our 

products comform to audience’s requirement.


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