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Date:2013/8/31 13:19:26      Visits  

According to the voice of China "news network" report, June 7 in the evening of 18 when 20 points, the lake of xiamen city in fujian province OuJinShan street a BRT in the process of driving the car burst into flames. At 18, the fire was put out. As of 8, 12 points, 1 am fire has killed 47 people, more than 30 people were injured. This is the jilin teck whye "6, 3 extra-large fire" incident, China's large fire incidents from happening again. By the relevant experts and spot investigation found that the local public security organ fire bus tyre normal, tank full, found at the scene of the propellants upon examination for gasoline, and the bus using the diesel engine, which can be ruled out of production safety accidents. After the preliminary determination, this is a serious criminal case, the case is under further investigation.

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