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Winpossee at Mexico International Security Exhibition
Date:2016/5/12 15:23:42      Visits  

Mexico international security exhibition held on April 26th to 28th, 2016 in the capital, Mexico.

Mexico international security exhibition is the most important international security industry exhibition in Latin America, it is sponsored by the Mexican GIPREEX exhibition company. Mexico international security is the most important,and most professional, the largest trade fair in Latin America, it began in 2003, regularly held in Mexico City, has been successfully held the 14 sessions. Exhibition attracted  renowned exhibitors and visitors to negotiate from all over the world, a total of 14,451 spectators attended the 2015 exhibition, overseas visitors mainly from states, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain and other countries. The audience about 36% for business executives, 13.54% for the Department Manager, the regional representative accounted for 10.57%. From the beginning of 2008, The exhibition organized professional protection exhibition in Mexico at the same period , This makes it become the most important part of the exhibition, Mexico security fair immediately attracted the attention of the Latin American, the first exhibition  has achieved a major success.  

Mexico is one of the oldest civilizations in the American continent. Its economic strength ranks fourth in America and thirteenth in the world. Mexico is the largest city in Mexico, it has a modern industry and agriculture. It is reported that Mexican sun, IMF predicts Mexico's economy will grow 2.4 percent of this year, And it increased to 3.5% in 2015. It is been known as a sign of economic recovery growth.

Winpossee participated in Mexico international security exhibition has brought us unprecedented opportunities and challenges. We should cherish this opportunity, at the same time, we will be have high enthusiasm and a new attitude to solve the new difficulties.





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